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Argonne Leadership Computing Facility

Argonne Leadership
Computing Facility


The SambaNova documentation is housed at /software/sambanova/docs/latest/ accessible via login node.

getting-started.pdf             # Getting started with Sambaflow and run your first example program (LogReg). 
intro-tutorial-pytorch.pdf      # A peek into the code of the above example program. 
run-examples-vision.pdf         # Run UNET on RDU. 
run-examples-language.pdf       # Run BERT on RDU
run-examples-pytorch.pdf        # Run Power PCA and micro models like GEMM on RDU
using-layernorm.pdf             # Example to use LayerNorm instead of BatchNorm 
compiler-options.pdf            # Provides advanced compiler options for the compile command. 
using-venvs.pdf                 # Python Virtual Environment. 
snconfig-userguide.pdf          # Tool to display, query, configure and manage system resources on SN 
sntilestat-manpage.pdf          # Display SambaNova tile status and utilization 
slurm-sambanova.pdf             # Slum Installation and configuration
runtime-faq.pdf                 # FAQ’s 
release-notes.pdf               # Provides new feature and bug fixes updates for each release version. 

The documentation can be viewed on your local system by copying the files from the login node.

cd <your docs destination>
scp -r* .

View the PDFs in your favorite viewer or web browser on your local machine.